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PDM 16 Input Module for APx B Series Audio Analyzers

16-Channel Solution for Mems Microphone Array Testing

Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) is a one-bit, high rate data stream that conveys a signal by modulating the density of the pulses. PDM is commonly used as the digital output of MEMS (micro- electromechanical system) microphones that are, either individually or in an array, integral components in smartphones, hearing aids, mobile computing, automotive systems, smart speakers and other IOT systems.

PDM 16 is an optional input module for the modular APx Series audio analyzers. Comprised of the input module installed in the analyzer, a remote interface pod and an extension cable, the module provides sample-accurate inter-channel phase information for up to 16 channels, critical data for the creation of MEMS mic arrays. PDM 16 utilizes synchronous sampling based on a common clock, thereby assuring a clear picture of the phase relationship between channels.
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