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TME provides specialized hardware and software for data, communication and simulation for each unique C4ISR scenario and connectivity requirement for air, sea land and space.

TME has capabilities on modeling and simulation, for mission and operation planning for air, land, sea, and space defence for better projection, communication and force deployment.

TME sources for the only the best ruggedized and military-standard mission planning computer systems and tactical communication solutions that enable timely and relevant information dissemination to all facets of the force.


Mapping Space and Time

AGI is provider of software to model, analyze and visualize Space, Defence and Intelligence systems. Engineers and analysts use AGI STK to model complex systems (aircraft, satellite, ground vehicles), along with their sensors and communications, in the context of the mission environment.

Scalable Network

Model & Visualize Communication Networks & Cyber Threats

SCALABLE NETWORKS develops high-performance communications simulation software for predicting network performance used by governmental and military organizations, educational institutions, and commercial enterprises around the world to: Design, Plan, Test, Deploy and Train.

VT MAK Technologies

Simulate & Visualise Missions in Virtual Worlds

VT MÄK develops commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools and toolkits for distributed simulation. Their software allows users to link, simulate, and visualize a virtual world which fits into existing simulation infrastructure and toolkit approach provides a platform for continuous innovation.


Pioneer of Kinetic Wireless Mesh Networks

Rajant is an unique “living” mesh solution that every node automatic connect and exchange information with each other independently that wireless network nodes ruggedized for the most demanding environments imaginable.