About Us

TME Malaysia (Test Measurement & Engineering Sdn Bhd) is a subsidiary of TME SYSTEMS. Established in 1990 and headquartered in Singapore, we have since expanded with branches and affiliate offices across Southeast Asia.

Our current core capabilities are in the distribution of world class and cutting edge technology products and solution in the following market spaces:
Acoustic and Digital Audio Testing
We offer tools for electro-acoustic and perceptual audio testing, together with a wide range of digital interfaces that combine power with ease-of-use.
NVH and Communication Acoustic
We can provide a solution for comprehensive analysis of sound and vibration as well as the measurement and optimization of speech and audio quality in all areas of communications technology.
Noise & Vibration Measurement
Sophisticated test and measurement systems and comprehensive engineering services for vibration control, dynamic signal analysis, data acquisition, test stnd engineering as well as measurement hardware.
Data Acquisition and Monitoring
A wide range of software to facilitate the acquisition, analysis and reporting of data for a professional research and presentation.
Video Interface Tester
Verification of Hardware and Software Interface systems in accordance to standards e.g. VESA and DCP.
EMC & ESD Simulator
We have EMC/ESD tools for simulation, testing and measurement that is in accordance to IEC/EN standards as well as other internationally recognized standards.
RF & Microwave
Innovative RF products, systems, services and educational solutions to the wireless industry - perfect to fulfil any of your RF related needs.
Laboratory Product Safety Tester
Laboratory and production product safety test equipment and firmware to fulfil an array of custom uses from multiple applications ranging from Medical, Telecom, Computer Tech and Solar industries.
Protocol Analysis Solutions
We offer protocol analysis solutions to meet all your semiconductor protocol compliance and troubleshooting needs from existing to upcoming protocols E.g. UFS 4.0, eMMC, Automotive Ethernet, SD, SDIO, I3C, SPMI & RFFE.

Value Statements

Integrity & Trust
We act on what we say and think, we deliver on our promises.
We maximize on individual strengths, we seek co-operation and collaboration and work towards a win-win common goal.
We strive to develop and maintain a professional relationship with all our customers in satisfying all their needs.
Performance & Accountability
Performance & Accountability
We take ownership to execute our work with pride, passion and professionalism.
Partnership & Engagement
Partnership & Engagement
We offer innovative and value-added solutions to all stakeholders for a long term, win-win, sustainable relationship.

Our Sales Value Proposition

With over 30 years of experience in the supply chain of these core markets, TME Systems has accumulated immense expertise in identifying technology trends and market needs, and meeting these needs. Our continual success is attributed to our strong commitment to the following unique three-fold sales value proposition:

Partnering with our customers to determine their needs, and working with our vendors to exceed the expectations offers.

Differentiating ourselves from the competition to deliver the best and quality products and services to our customers.
Providing innovative technology solutions that are effective for our customers’ deployment.